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Master's Course Architecture Impromptu

Copyright: © Kevin Moreno Gata

Transformability is a property that can be applied when designing structures in order to adapt them to different usage scenarios. With the help of convertible folding structures, objects can be created which, due to their different folding states, provide a flexibility that allows them to be used for different applications in different locations. The goal of this research course is to present a futuristic use case for such a structure with a design sketch. After an introduction to the design principles and modelling tools of folding structures, the participants should design a use case for aerospace applications or an artefact. The output will include a video animation and a storyboard for the design, which will demonstrate the application and function of the object.

Copyright: © Kevin Moreno Gata


  • Understanding of structural properties of folded structures
  • Understanding of the folding process of a folded structure
  • Insight into different folding patterns
  • Design of a futuristic application (aerospace, robots etc.)
  • Dealing with parametric modeling tools

You can find the course's presentation here.

Language: german/english

Teaching methodology: Research-based learning

Participation criteria and registration: architectural students with computational design skills

Course of studies: M. Sc.

Course type: Stegreif

Number of participants: limited

Place: Lehrstuhl für Tragkonstruktionen

Appointments: 19.03.2021, 26.03.2021, 30.03.2021 at 10:00

Points: 1,5

Submission: 30.03.2021 at 14:00 o’clock

Tutors: Kevin Moreno Gata M. Sc., Juan Musto M. Sc., Alex Seiter M. Sc