Lightweight construction


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Lightweight constrcution

In the course, students will become familiar with the diverse research landscape at the Faculty of Architecture and be sensitized to the wide disciplinary range. First, the basic terminology, concepts and structures of research will be taught, and guided. Furthermore, the correct handling and management of literature as well as the execution of literature research will be addressed.

Subsequently, the newly learned skills are to be applied and tried out by the students themselves. The central exercise for this is the writing of a mini-exposé, in which the students independently delimit a research problem, formulate a clear objective with research guiding questions, propose a methodical research procedure and practice the correct citation of self-researched sources.

The Department of Structural Engineering is participating in the course with the topic of lightweight design. The application of lightweight construction principles means to use a high saving potential of raw or building materials and to save resources by material-appropriate construction and design. For more than two decades, this topic has been an integral part of research and teaching at the Chair. Especially today, with the requirements for sustainability, the topic is red-hot. Through research projects and teaching, a number of innovative demonstrators have been developed and realized.

Folding Structures Made From Thin Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Panels

Shape Optimization of Thin-Walled Shell Structures

Optimization of Lightweight, Fold Based Structures

Lightweight structures made of thin sheet metal

Sheet Metal Shells

Type of course: Seminar, 2 ECTS

Registration: link RWTH Online

Start: 13.10.2022

Supervision: Alex Seiter, Denis Grizmann

Dates: Thursdays, 8:30 - 10:00