Räumliche Knotenstabtragwerke in Ausführung mit Kreuzbalken und Induo-Verbundankertechnik

Heyden, Johann-Wilhelm; Führer, Wilhelm Friedrich (Thesis advisor)

Aachen : Publikationsserver der RWTH Aachen University (2001)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Aachen, Techn. Hochsch., Diss., 2001


The main objective of the thesis is to show new directions for the development of three-dimensional joined member structures in wood. The Induo-dowell-anchor was developed by Induo Systemholztechnik GmbH and is being used as an efficient device for connections in timber construction since 1998. During the industrial production of structural timbers, i.e. quartered logs, the dowell-anchor can be placed at any position in direction of the longitudinal axis of the joist. The dowell technique means that the joist is being 'nailed-up' inside at a right angle to its axis. This enables the anchor to survey and transmit high tension and compression forces. Focussing on good exploration of axial forces, the thesis explores, how the dowell-anchor-technique can be used for three-dimensional space trusses which are fully acting on axial forces. The structural advantages of space truss systems will be analysed. On this basis the Induo-dowell-anchor-technique will be explored and developed further. This technique offers the potential of prefabrication for cross beams, which are an environmentally friendly element of timber-frame constructions. The thesis wants to provide a basis and an orientation for the construction, the structural analysis and the finding of the right proportions for space trusses in wood. It is designed to be of practical help for architects and structural engineers during the design phase as well as during the execution of work. Furthermore the invention of the 'screwed connector inside the bar' together with the 'concrete joint' is pioneering for the construction of structural timber-frames and opens new horizons for the design of three-dimensional joined member structures.


  • Faculty of Architecture [200000]
  • Chair of Structures and Structural Design [211110]