Publication in nbau magazine


Mycelium composite as a versatile recyclable material for construction

nbau article

nbau is a new magazine that deals with the topic of sustainable construction. The magazine was published for the first time this year. For its second issue, the Chair of Structures and Structural Design was requested to publish an article about their research on mycelium-based materials. The article describes the potential of mycelium-based composites as a versatile and recyclable material for the construction industry.

The bio-engineered material is already being used in the consumer goods and packaging industries. Advantages such as being integrated into a natural material cycle and low CO2 emissions show the enormous potential of this novel material. In order to integrate it into the construction industry, the research group at the chair in collaboration with Dr. Anett Werner (TU Dresden) have been conducting various research projects whose results have already been published in multiple scientific journals. Some of the projects include prototypes of masonry elements and sandwich systems where the properties of the mycelium-based composite were significantly increased.