Airport - Usbekistan

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Master of Architecture M2 Project

As a rural country, Uzbekistan is undergoing a dynamic transformation through improved political and economic reforms. Today, as the most populous country in Central Asia, it is at the center of a liberal future with strengthened international ties.  For this prosperous future is the planning and construction of airports critical for an enhanced connectivity.

But the country's special significance is not only evident in its future. Uzbekistan has a rich cultural heritage with its roots stretching back to the time of the ancient kingdoms. As an important part of the Silk Road, the region has a unique mixture of different cultures and influences. This unique cultural heritage must be considered in the design of the airport, as well as the state of the art.

In this project, a terminal facility of an airport in Uzbekistan is planned and designed in partner work. In the first semester, after a short introduction, an intensive competition phase takes place in which ideas and designs are developed. Subsequently, the developed designs will be analyzed and refined. In the second semester, the constructive elaboration of the terminal complex, in particular the structural support system, takes place.

The project is supported by Dipl.-Ing. Tom Alexander Heuer from the Airport Research Center.

Requirements :

Knowledge of structural engineering as taught in the course of studies in architecture at RWTH Aachen University is a prerequisite for working on the project.
In addition, BIM knowledge is recommended for the processing of the project.
Knowledge of airport-specific standards and spatial regulations is desirable, but not required.The willingness to learn such, however, is expected.


  • Drafting and Develodrapment of an airport terminal in Uzbekistan
  • Deepening the understanding of airport planning
  • Planning and development of suitable supporting structures
  • Independent development of constructive solution proposals

Application: RWTHonline

Language: German

Supervisor: Cedric Wehren M. Sc.Andrija Pranjic

Points: 30 CP