Structures 1a

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Bachelor's Course Architecture Lesson

In the first semester, knowledge of the actions on structures, loads, load setting, modeling design of simple, statically determinate and indeterminate systems in steel and wood and graphical statics are discussed.

In the second semester, graphostatic methods, load affine geometries, design and dimensioning of trusses in wood and steel, statically indeterminate systems, arches, vaults and frame structures are discussed

TWL 1a

TWL 1b

  • Load-bearing structures
  • Forces, loads and modeling
  • Restraint and degrees of freedom
  • Design of statically determinate systems, beams, columns
  • Buckling and stability
  • Elastostatics, deformations and serviceability
  • Statically indeterminate systems
  • Graphic statics
  • Load affine geometries
  • Struts, arches and load affine geometries
  • Trusses
  • Mohr's analogy
  • Statically indeterminate systems
  • Arches and vaults
  • Frame Structures



Exercise management

Exercise supervision

Martin Trautz

Andrija Pranjic

Denis Grizmann

Andrija Pranjic

Andrija Pranjic

Denis Grizmann

Alex Seiter

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