Construction methods with naturally grown timber

  © Kevin Moreno Gata  

Master's course Architekture research

Traditional timber structures are typically built using partially processed workpieces that feature simple geometries and basic shapes. However, the original material – naturally grown timber – possesses unique mechanical properties that can be easily integrated into architectural structures. By milling and combining these elements with the appropriate tools and skills, it is possible to create a self-supporting structure that fully leverages the inherent strengths of the material. The objective of this project is to conduct a constructive demonstration by utilizing harvested wood from the Aachen forest.

To achieve this goal, we will first analyze the elements and digitize them using 3D scanning technology. Based on the results of the analysis and digitization, we will design an execution plan that takes into account the unique properties of the wood material. Once the plan is finalized, we will use CNC technology to manufacture the construction elements. After that the final structure will be assembled during the summer of

This project is supported by the foresters of Aachen.



Basic knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper and CNC.

Completion of the basic training in Manulab.

  © Kevin Moreno Gata  


  • Understand the growth and resistance of wood grown in trees.
  • Understand wood fabrication and construction tasks.
  • CAD design from acquired wood
  • Construction assembly
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Communication management
  • Technical problem-solving.



Application: RWTHonline

Language: English

Start: on Thursday 6.04 at 14h. in the Chair of Structures

Dates: Thursdays 15:00-18:00 Flexible

Final submission/exam: September 2023

Participants: Master students

Supervisor:   Kevin Moreno Gata M.Sc., Cedric Wehren M. Sc.

Points: 6 CP (3CP for M.Sc. Construction and Robotics)