Transformable construction


Master's Course Architecture Stegreif

This course will deal with the construction and fabrication of an example of a transformable mobile construction. As an extension of the previous Trako courses on folding and transformable constructions, we will make a demonstration construction of a spherical mobile protection shield. In this course the participants will acquire the knowledge of fabrication and assembly of hinges, cutting of flat panels to compose a spherical folding and the development of a scissor system.

The start and coordination of the course will take place in April. The work will be compact on a weekly basis, and will take place in April-May. The meeting days will be Fridays from 10 to 12 h.



  • Understanding of constructions and moving parts
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes and digital tools
  • Design in CAD (Rhino)
  • Prototyping techniques, f.e. in 3d printing and laser cutting
  • Assembly of the final product
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Communication management
  • Technical problem-solving

Language: English/German

Teaching methodology: Practical work in workshop

Participation criteria and registration: Previous participants of the Transformable Constructions course will be accepted with priority; Basic knowledge of Rhino, Illustrator/Design; To have completed basic training in Manulab (moodle).

Number of participants: 10

Appointments: Tuesdays, 10:00 - 12:00

Place: Lehrstuhl für Tragkonstruktionen

Start: 14.04.2022

Submission: 26.05.2022

Tutor: Kevin Moreno Gata M.Sc.

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