Lightweight construction

  Lightweight Construction 1  

Master's Course Architecture Research Field

The research field deals with lightweight structures made of semi-finished surface products and is closely linked to the ongoing research of the chair. Here, the awareness for resource-minimised design is to be conveyed theoretically and practically.
The course consists of three thematic blocks:

Practical training - The students are involved in the realisation of an experimental construction on a scale of 1:1, which is currently being realised by Trako at the Melaten campus. Here, the participants learn about material behaviour, constructive principles and detailing.

Method workshop - During the workshop, the students develop a common structural form principle for a thin-walled shell structure made of sheet metal. The aim here is to reduce the weight per unit area of the sheet metal structure to an absolute minimum. In addition to the shell geometry as a macrostructure, a microstructure is being developed to stiffen the sheet metal layer. Conceptual design, form finding, analysis, optimisation, process simulation and factory planning are mapped parametrically in Grasshopper.

Mockup - The Institute for Shaping provides its sheet metal processing centre for this purpose. Incremental sheet metal forming, stretch forming and CNC machining are used to create prototypes of the design. Sheet metal, forming materials and wear tools have to be financed for this.


Tutors: Alex Seiter M.Sc., Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Pofahl