IASS Pavilion Contest

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Master's Course Architecture Research Field

The International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, IASS, has launched a pavilion contest as part of its symposium this year. We have already designed, built and presented a spatial structure for the IASS Symposium in Amsterdam in 2015. This year we will develop a contribution for the meeting in Surrey, England. Artists, designers, engineers and researchers in collaboration with top universities from all over the world are invited to participate in a competition and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures. The structures must have a strong vision of structural design and innovation. They should be demonstrably the result of research projects focusing on structural design. The organizers aim to have an exhibition that shows new insights on structural typologies, through the design of a pavilion. During the conference, the jury of the competition will award a prize for the most innovative realized structure. This time our team includes the company Alucobond, who will supply us with their panel materials, and the ManuLab. We are looking forward to an interesting project, in which we will deal with parametric design, innovative structures and manufacturing and process chains.

Our pavilion in 2015: https://bit.ly/2Q11wTv
Information about the contest: https://www.jjo33.com/surrey2020
Website of the IASS: https://www.iass-structures.org/
Website of the symposium: https://www.surrey.ac.uk/iass2020
Alucobond website: https://alucobond.com/



some slides from our proposal