We Clay! Lightweight Structures

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Master's Course Architecture Research Field

There is a great potential in taking nature as inspiration to achieve better performance in additive structures. We want to explore formal and mechanical properties of ceramics in order to improve its structural performance for an innovative application in architecture. In nature, structured cellular organizations perform more efficiently while consuming less resources, that’s why we decided to take them as case-studies to develop our design strategies.The workflow of the seminar includes reference analysis (both analog and digital), design experimentation and optimization (Rhino + grasshopper) and digital fabrication techniques (Delta Wasp 2040). The aim of this course is to design, manufacture and setup a structure prototype formed by structured-like individual components manufactured with ceramic digital fabrication techniques (maximal size: 20x40cm). Material Costs: one payment of 20 Euro per Student.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : In Summer Term 2019, the Chair of Structural Engineering (Trako) in cooperation with the Chair of Visual Design (BiG) offers a seminar on lightweight structures with ceramics. The seminar is divided into different work phases, each of which is alternately supervised by Trako and BiG (1st workshop ceramic workshop, 2nd 3D modeling, 3rd ceramic digital). The seminar takes place depending upon work phase either in the ceramic workshop or the seminar areas of Trako.

Since it is a collaboration project of both teaching units, the students can choose "We Clay! Lightweight Structures" as ‚Special areas of design and presentation‘ (LfP) or as ‚Reaserch Field‘ (Trako). However, you have to decide. Both options are not possible simultaneously!


  • supervised by Christina Klug (BiG), Dana Saez, Juan Musto
  • 3 CP
  • on Tuesdays, 09:30 – 10:30 h (9.30 – 12.00 h)