Structural Consulting


Structural Design Mentoring for Bachelor and Master

The structural design mentoring is ment to provide additional, specific advice for your design projects, hosted at other facilities at the faculty of architecture. You may make an appointment on myReiff. Appointments are provided by Juan Musto, Andrija Pranjic, Denis Grizman Alex Seiter.


Game Mechanics

  1. It is better to report at the beginning of a project. As part of the design process, it is advisable to consider structural solutions early on in order to make suitable architectural decisions.
  2. No free ride. The discussion, which will be held in the consultation, does not replace thorough examination of load-bearing structures and the tackling of load-bearing challenges that arise with the structures chosen for the students design.
  3. Fundamentals. We assume the knowledge of Fundamentals of Basic Structures and Structures.
  4. Not for our events. The static counseling is provided as an additional services for the design work of the faculty and not for our own courses.
  5. No B2. See above.
  6. Stay true to your supervisor. If you take repeated structural consults, stick to the same supervisor.
  7. Be fair! If you cannot make it to your appointment, please unsubscribe from the list as early as possible so to make the time available for other students.
  8. Group work. Show up together with your group partners to the consulting appointment. Please only book one appointment!
  9. Prepare yourself. It is absolutely necessary that the material brought is clearly legible, timely, complete and not contradictory in the form of drawings, sketches and models. Only then can we offer you comprehensive advice.
  10. Scale. Drawings are to have clear information on the orientation, scale, dimensioning.
  11. Models. Models are always of greater help than drawings.