Growing Bridge

  Trako Team auf der Brücke Urheberrecht: © Kevin Moreno Gata  


It is widely recognized that human activities have an impact on the environment, leading to an increase in the use of natural materials such as wood in construction and research. While traditional wooden structures are based on simple forms, they require effort and resources to produce. On the one hand, this involves selecting logs that are straight and free of knots, and on the other hand, the manufacturing process itself results in a significant amount of waste. To address this problem, we are exploring alternative methods in timber construction, such as the introduction of off-knot constructions using natural growth wood elements, which utilize raw wood with minor modifications. We use automated digital methods, such as image-based modeling and 3D scanning of trees, to generate new structures from natural wood elements, considering their unique material and geometric properties. With these tools, and along with a better understanding of tree growth, we aim to develop innovative ways of using wood in construction.

Demonstration project: Growing Bridge
As a proof of concept, the design and automation concepts have been applied in the construction of a demonstration bridge. The project involved a total of 43 scanned specimens (forked and curved elements) of various hardwood tree species.

Projekt Team

Lehrstuhl für Tragkonstruktionen, RWTH-Aachen

Entwurf, Fertigung und Konstruktion: Kevin Moreno Gata, Sheldon Stephens, Tobias Grüters, Raman Suliman, Viktor Wages, Cedric Wehren und Prof. Dr. Martin Trautz.
Die Teilnehmer des Seminars SoSe 2023 Growing Bridge : Yara Almojaber, Adonis Alsaad, Yo han Choi, Ana Hernando de la Fuente, Lana Karamani, Cristian Moscoso Lizama, Irma Softic und Abdullah Sukkar.
Mit Unterstützung von Wald Und Holz NRW (Andreas Wintraken) und dem Waldbesitzer Landvogt Forstbetrieb, Aachen-Sief.


Kevin Moreno Gata, M.Sc

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