Stuttgart Lightweight Construction Award 2021

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The award winners

The Lightweight construction association (Leichtbau Verein) is a non-profit organization that promotes lightweight technologies in construction to save material and energy. The design of lightweight structures plays an essential role in developing a fair economy and a greener future in the built environment.

The Lightweight Construction Award (Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis) is a promotional prize for architecture, product design, civil, aircraft, and mechanical engineering students as part of their course of studies to reward the interest and commitment of students in this field.

In 2021, for the 16th award presentation, 12 entries were submitted from seven German universities. This time, the jury awarded three recognition awards for the Stuttgart Lightweight Construction Award 2021: "curved folding dome", "Myco Pavilion" and "A summer igloo in lightweight construction". We are thrilled to announce that, the first two of them were conceived by architecture students at our chair. We want to congratulate Jil Schneider and Alexandra Bertsch for their stunning works “Curved folding dome” (tutors: Alex Seiter, Thorsten Pofahl, and Kevin Moreno Gata) and “Myco Pavilion” (tutors: Dana Saez and Denis Grizmann) again.

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