Structural materials for the post-oil era

  Summer School Invitation

This year, as part of the Honors College program at RWTH Aachen, we will conduct the Summer School "Structural materials for the post-oil era." The course aims to introduce the current state of research in building materials, how they can be implemented in structural systems, and possible optimization strategies.

Topic description and motivation

According to the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), the construction industry is responsible for: 30% of global CO² emissions, 40% of energy consumption in Europe, and 30% of resource consumption worldwide. Furthermore, 80-90% of these resources are used in buildings' load-bearing structures. That is why we, as architects and engineers, can reduce this impact by applying our know-how in smart designs. These solutions should not only apply to mass-reduction optimization but also materials' smart selection.

The program introduces fundamental theoretical knowledge in renewable materials' statics and evaluation techniques, complemented by 'Hands-on workshops,' where students apply their acquired knowledge in practical projects. We have invited experts in related fields worldwide to extend the subjects of knowledge by allowing broader exchange and debate.

Honors College

This program is specially tailored for undergraduate students from the Honors College. The Honors College is an initiative from the excellent academic education strategy at RWTH Aachen. It seeks to shape promising students into top international researchers by training them in responsible research and innovation (RRI), interdisciplinary research projects, and professional expertise. Due to the international nature of the event, all courses are going to be guided in English

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You can find the program of the event in the "Downloads" area below.

Contact: Dana Saez M.Sc.

More information about the Honors College Summer Schools here.