M1 Brückenschlag West


Lisa Mühlnickel
Master SoSe 2015
Chair of Structures and Structural Design
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Trautz

Chair of Individualized Construction output
Univ.-Prof. Dr. techn. Mag. Arch. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge spanning the water Cross in Castrop Rauxel, the unusual junction of Rhine-Herne Canal and Emscher. The draft forms a landmark which confidently demonstrated capacity to drive in the number of existing, partly prominent bridges of the Rhine-Herne canal. Two interwoven bands forming a dynamic figure that has high recognition value. The vertically Be moved intersection of the two waters and the existing, complex system of paths face the challenge of the design project. The curved profile of the bridge girder enables driving dynamics appropriate connection to the existing road network and ensures a sufficient length of the ramps. The opposing the plan shape of arc and carrier routes involves the spatial curvature of the arches, which the forces occurring "lean against" itself. The space above the off-vehicle remains free of cables, which can be laterally guided due to the curved shape of the bridge.
Building Process
Because of their individual shape of the support sheet in pieces is prefabricated up to 40m in the factory. Then the pieces are transported on the Rhine-Herne Canal to the construction site. There they are put together in the first step. The off-vehicle is delivered in pieces of 5m length. There he is north-east of the site of the bridge to the main beams to IMP EXP-including three major Wegträgern welded on the large remaining free space. Centrally between the swords, the secondary cross member are welded to the support tube. The three sections of the Wegträgers be in the sheets "threaded" and braced with the supporting cables. Forming sheet and off-vehicle later structural, the prefabricated paving can be installed. They are welded to the cross member. At the end of the handrail is to the posts of the railing screwed and the thin steel wires that form the railing panel are threaded through handrail and Wegplatte.