origami folding Chair of Structures and Structural Design  

Master's Course Architecture research field 1/2

Origami sekkei typifies technical solutions which are based on origami principles. It is predestined for the conception of transformable foldable structures due to the fact that it combines several relevant technical characteristics. Kinematic foldings are transformable and (if they consist of rigid plates) they are statically efficient.

Deployable foldings form a connection between architecture and mechanical engineering by, in technical terms, combining the central aspects of construction, statics and kinematics. The design and construction of such structures demand knowledge transfer across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The objective of an interdisciplinary research project is to enable the specific technical application of deployable foldings in architecture and engineering and therefore an interdisciplinary team of scientists work together at a specific design and development process. For further information to the research project E²F – Designing Deployable Folded Plate Structures click here.

Possible tasks are for example the planning and realization of a transformable prototype, the preparation of a scientific publication und the compilation of a folding pattern catalogue. The specific topics will be discussed.


  • supervised by Susanne Hoffmann, Henri Buffart
  • registration: personal registration before Friday, April 24th (Susanne Hoffmann or Henri Buffart) after appointment via e-mail
  • 3 CP
  • beginning on Tuesday, April 25th, 11:00 h, LS Tragkonstruktionen, R 127
  • appointments as the need arises on Tuesdays, 09:30 – 10:30 h