Solar Dyna

  Concentrated solar power  

Bachelor's Course Architecture B4

The 21. Century is a century of energy revolution. The impermanence of energy sources and thesclimate change means that the extension of regenerative energies will become one of the most significant challenges of the century. Almost all fossil fuels are approximated to be exhausted in the second half of this century. Next to Wind and water energy, the sun is our biggest, and by human judgement inexhaustible energy source, that is at our disposal for “free”. In comparison to wind and water energy, sun energy is useable in nature without any considerable interference.

The framework of a bachelor thesis is to design a solar thermal energy power plant with solar concentration. Solar thermal systems with solar concentration focus the incoming sunlight through mirrors on an absorber, to convert the sun energy into heat, with which turbines of power generation are driven.

The focus is the optimization as well as the observation of such technical buildings from an architectonical perspective, to generate new and innovative approaches.


  • supervised by Martin Trautz and Juan Musto
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  • 15 CP
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  • First Date: Friday 07.04.17, 10:00 o’clock, Room 129