Urban Wood


Master's Course Architecture Project M2.2

Multi-Storeyed Wooden Building in AACHEN NORTH

The 6th Schlaun - Competition broaches revitalisation and redesign of district Aachen_North, which constitutes also the initial position of our M2_design project “UrbanWood”. The content of our design project is to develop an urban concept and dense the area. During the first semester all proposals should be integrated under an urban development project.

At the second stage, a multi-storeyed building out of the planning area (at least 18 meters high or six-storeyed) should be developed in detail – architectural, functional and structural. Wood is required as construction material.

The students will be supported to take part at the Schlaun-Competition.



  • supervised by Martin Trautz, Rolf Gerhardt and Baris Cokcan
  • Registration on Campus Office
  • 30 CP
  • on wednesdays, 1.30pm to 5.30pm, R 306
  • Beginning on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 1.30pm, R 306