Your Involvement

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We need your help in order to support ten percent of the best students at RWTH Aachen University for the long term through the Education Fund. Not only large, but also medium sized and small companies, as well as endowments and private individuals can participate in the Education Fund. 


Donate now!

Support our best students. We will gladly advise you in person.


What Your Involvement Could Look Like

Possibility A: Individual scholarships, starting at 1,800 euros per year per scholarship

  • You sponsor a one-year scholarship for one or severalstudent.
  • When selecting recipients, we take into consideration your preferred subject discipline.

Possibility B: Scholarship bundle - starting at 18,000 euros per year

  • If you sponsor ten or more scholarships, we will name the scholarship after your name or that of you company, if desired
  • If you would like, you can be involved in the selection process for award winners.

Extra Option: Framework Program

  • Donate an additional amount of money, starting with 100 euros per scholarship, to help build an framework program for scholarship recipients, with events from business, culture, and sports.
  • Host or participate in a networking event in order to get in touch with students and other donors.

Tax Benefit

Your donation is tax-deductible. For donations up to 200 euros, your bank statement suffices as a tax deduction receipt. For contributions over 200 euros, you will automatically receive a tax deduction receipt. You can claim this with your tax return. We will gladly help you with further information. Please contact us.

Account Information for Donations for the Education Fund
Recipient RWTH Aachen
Account Number 253 87
Routing Number 390 500 00
Credit Institution Sparkasse Aachen
Reference Bildungsfonds der RWTH Aachen
IBAN DE07 3905 0000 0000 0253 87