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What is the PuL Project?

The project " Reorganization of Processes Surrounding Exam and Course Management including the Introduction of an Integrated Software Solution", PuL for short, aims for an improvement in the concerned processes surrounding the Student Life Cycle. Based on Bachelor and Master courses of study, the project encompasses not only the topics application and admission but also student and fee management. A large portion of the processes will be supported by new software, a so called integrated Campus Management System, in the future. The new system is called RWTHonline and will replace all of the CAS Campus and HIS systems used until now at the University by the end of 2018.


Why Reorganize the Processes?

The complexity and mass of processes in the area of studying and teaching drastically increased as a result of the increase in exams and exam regulations resulting from the Bologna Reform and the double class cohort. The situation at RWTH Aachen is aggravated by insufficient transparancy in the processes until now and heterogenous IT systems. The PuL project began in 2011 in order to respond appropriately to the changed framework. The project goals are to optimize the processes in studies and teaching and make them more transparent. This is first occuring through a general reorganization of the processes. Based on the optimized processes, a new integrated Campus Management System, RWTHonline, will be introduced that supports these processes.


Who is involved in the PuL project?

In the PuL project, all faculties, students, involved administrative divisions, and the IT Center are brought together in order to actively contribute to the reorganization of individual processes and the selection of suitable software. The PuL project is coordinated by the Department of Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office under the professional responsibility of the department head. The project coordinators are Dr. Marguerite Franssen from Department 1.0 and Cristoph Becker from the IT Center. Overall there are a total of 100 active PuL project members at RWTH Aachen. All RWTH employees involved in studies and teaching and all students will work with the new system after the new software has been introduced at the end of 2018.



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Newsletter Issues


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Current News

Events Dates
2017 RWTHonline Information Event 24/10/2017
2016 RWTHonline Information Event for University Members 17/10/2016
Vorbereitung zur Einführung des neuen Campus-Management-Systems RWTHonline läuft 21/12/2015
RWTH Using Software from TU Graz 10/02/2015
Future RWTH Aachen Campus Management System from TU Graz 19/12/2014
Software Providers Re-Invited to Submit Bids 02/07/2014
Negotiations on the New Campus Management System Continue 31/03/2014

You can find old announcements about PuL in the project's announcement archive.