Junior Professors

  Researchers talking with each other Copyright: Andreas Hub  

In order to improve the push-pull relationship between the natural sciences and engineering at RWTH Aachen, the science faculty is expanding the number of junior professorships by additional eight for the duration of the funding period. One essential goal of this measure is to considerably increase the number of female professors at the faculty and the entire university.

The junior professorships are selected according to two criteria:

  1. They must strengthen basic research in the natural sciences and/or enable interdisciplinarity and collaboration with extra-university partners
  2. They will be established in new, unexplored research areas in which RWTH Aachen does not have any professorships so far.

After the funding period of five years, up to four of the most successful candidates will be granted tenure. Criteria of success, among others, are national and international research prizes, presentations at international conferences and conventions, editorial and advisory activities, and publications in peer-reviewed journals and at conferences.

The establishment of additional professorships and with it the employment of additional academic staff substantially contributes to the growth of the science faculty in terms of quality and quantity.

RWTH Aachen intends to continue this process even beyond the funding period.