The publications at the Chair of Structures and Structural Design.

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Teaser: Lightweight Construction
Freeform Folding Structure

Folding Structures Made From Thin Sheet Metal

Self-Supporting Structures Without Substructure of Stainless Steel by Means of incremental Sheet Forming.

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Prototype of a shell construction made of thin sheet metal panels

Sheet Metal Panels

Design and Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Panels for Load-Bearing Freeform Structures.

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The superposition of a folded pattern enhances the stiffness to a shell geometry

Optimization of Folding Structures

Shape Optimization of Thin-Walled Shell Structures by Superimposing Folded Structures.

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Teaser: Timber Construction
Timber Frame Test

Reinforcing With Screws

The Use of Self-Drilling Full-Thread Screws for Reinforcement and Addition of Components Made of Glued Laminated Timber.

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deformation testing

Wood and Screw Composites

Investigations on the Composite Behavior of a Bolt-Wood Composite.

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tension test

Strand Woven Bamboo Finger Joints

High Strength Finger Joint usable in Strand Woven Bamboo of the 5th Generation

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Laminated Timber With Steel Sheets

Reinforcing Glued Laminated Timber With ab Initio Embedded Steel Sheets.

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Teaser: Principles of Structural Morphology
Stress Oriented Folding Structure


Designing Deployable Folded Plate Structures

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Modular Origami

Using Origami Principles for Engineering Applications.

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Teaser: Smart Bio Materials
growth manipulation of calabash

Technical Product Harvesting

Growth and construction in nature as role model for innovative technical solutions.

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mycelium brick

Fungal-based building materials

Research on the technical foundations for applications of fungal mycelium in load bearing building components.

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Industrial Buildings
Construction History
Iron Bridges

Early Iron Bridges

Early Iron Bridges of South-Western Germany 1844 to 1889.

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Maurice Koechlin

Maurice Koechlin

The real inventor of the Eiffel tower

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