Teaser: Winter Semester 2018/19
Buckling cases

Basic Structures

Bachelor's Course Architecture Semester 1

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A timber roof truss with collar beam


Bachelor's Course Architecture Semester 3

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tensile constructutions

Tensile Construction I

Bachelor's Course Architecture Seminar

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Multifunctional Furniture Loop

Origami Fidget Cube

Master's Course Architecture Impromptu

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Research Field

Master's Course Architecture Research Field

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Structural Consulting

Design Consultancy for Structural Advice

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Teaser: Best of
The first panel is finished

Rocking Origami

IASS 2015 Symposium Pavilion Contest

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Perspektive View

Hanns Luh

Master's Thesis 'Motorway Church'

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Perspective View

Lisa Mühlnickel

Master's Thesis 'Sprung über die Emscher'

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Perspektive View

M3 Inga Hausmann

Master's Thesis 'Drahtseilakt'

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Perspektive View

Julia Krebs

Master's Thesis 'Gezeitenspiel'

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Perspektive view

Tobias Anne-Lehre

Master's Thesis 'Moderne Tragwerke im Umgang mit historischer Bausubstanz'

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