Timber Engineering – Bridge West

  Rheinbrücke in Schaffhausen  

Master's Course Architecture Project M1

Pedestrian and cycle bridges made of timber have a long tradition. As a renewable building material, timber, with its low weight-to-load ratio, is an efficient building material that is easily accessible, allowing fast and relatively easy installation while satisfying aesthetic requirements. The challenges of timber bridges still lie in the anisotropy, hygroscopicity and inhomogeneity as well as the lifetime of wood.

The focus of the project is the design of a timber bridge over the railway line at Aachen West between Seffenter Weg and Kongressplatz as a bridge within Campus west. The project is preceded by a self-study of existing bridges, with the aim of gaining knowledge about material properties, superstructure and substructure components, static strucutral systems and measures relating to durability.